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The Basics

What is a Mission Trip?

For our group, "Mission trip" means going to be with and care for people as a way of sharing the love of God. Spending time with children is a way of showing God's love. Showing confidence in a community investing time and money in construction is a way of showing God's love. Many people in the Dominican Republic desperately need medical care; providing it to them is a way of showing that love. You'll find that a lot of patients will leave at the end of their visit saying "Dios te bendiga" (God bless you). As a team, we'll say grace before meals, go to church on Sunday, do daily devotions (normally someone reads a passage of the Bible and we talk about it before breakfast), and share our high's and lows of the day. A mission trip is about caring for others, whether it's someone on our team or someone from the DR.

How this trip got started

Our team mission trips to the Dominican Republic began in 2003 when a few of the Girl Scouts at St. John's Lutheran Church decided to complete their Gold Award by leading a group trip. Two girls did a sports camp and two girls taught first aid. Through this trip, an ongoing partnership began with Pastors Mercedes and Isaias Nelson, though whom much of the mission is coordinated at present. The next year, Linda Walsh organized a small medical team to help meet the needs that were seen the first year.


Trip Dates:

Flight Information:

Team Meetings

The team usually meets monthly to do team-building activities, fund-raising planning, and to prepare for the trip.



The cost of the trip is $1300. The cost fluctuates year-to-year depending on the cost of airfare. Everyone is expected to participate in fundraising. Fundraising is used for work project materials, medicines, and other supplies.


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What we actually "do" in the Dominican Republic

Our mission work is based out of San Pedro de Macoris, on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, about a 1 hour drive from Santo Domingo, the capital. It is about 6 hours east of the Haitian border. We work in surrounding barrios, including Esperanza, a generation old Haitian refugee village, and Sarmiento.These neighborhoods have churches pastored by Mercedes and Isaias Nelson, respectively.


What to do now

While in the Dominican Republic...


Pack all of your personal items in your carry-on suitcase. We will use the checked luggage for the donated items. If you have items which are prohibited by the airline for carry-on, please place them in a Ziploc bag, labeled with your name, and bring them to the packing day the Sunday before departure. See the TSA web site for information about packing liquids in your carry-on. Anything that is going to the DR in a checked suitcase must be present at Packing Day for packing and weighing

Carry-on Packing List